Developing your business....

Software Development

Despite the ever increasing growth in popularity of web applications, the browser just does not lend itself to some applications. As such, graphic and content rich applications are still most popular on the Windows platform.

We have been specialists in Borland Delphi development for over 10 years. This Rapid Application Development platform allows feature rich windows applications to be developed quickly and cost effectively.

Recently, .Net has become another industry standard for scalable Windows applications, and if you are concerned about future proofing your application this is fast becoming a viable alternative. We are at the forefront of .Net development, maintaining ourselves in the Microsoft Partnership Program.


SQL Server

We specialise in building quality solutions which harness the power and scalability of SQL Server. Whether you are looking for a single user system, or an enterprise level solution, we can provide the expertise.



We are always the first to assess the latest technologies. We want to provide you with a solution which builds on the most modern developments. Microsoft.Net is fast becoming a mature and stable platform to build and deploy quality solutions for all levels of business.



We have a strong background in accounting and auditing which, along with many years working with all levels of Irish business, give us a key advantage when building systems to your requirements.


Document Management

Having developed EI Trax whilst working for Input Systems, Gabhan has a deep knowledge of document management systems and processes. We are still a key partner of EI Systems and can provide the expertise to help you save money with a Document Management solution.



Having spent a number of years building and implementing ERP systems, we can approach your business with a holistic approach - to help get your business functioning as a cohesive unit.


Business Process

A key part of any successful business is the way the business is structured. Computer systems will only succeed where business processes can be identified and documented. This is at the heart of every project we take on.