About our business....


The company was formed in 2007 when Gabhan O'Loughlin, former development director with prominent Irish ERP Supplier Input Systems, needed to move to Kerry for family reasons. Quickly he realised an opportunity to start his own business and hopes to build a successful relationship with local and national customers alike.

Gabhan is passionate about computing and software in particular. Having previously been a successful accountant and auditor, he feels that this experience allows him to communicate on a business level far more.

This unique combination has benefited Input Systems in the past, and will continue to benefit this company and all our customers.


The Kingdom


We are based in Beaufort, Co Kerry. This stunning location at the foot of Carrantouhill is breathtaking in its beauty. The freshness of the surroundings has a really positive impact on the atmosphere of our employees.



Having been formerly based in Dublin, we regularly commute to the capital to touch base with our customers and partners.



Both Gabhan and wife Annette (ACA) share an interest in accounting and accounting practice. We feel this is important in any business software development company.



Gabhan has been Building, Deploying and Supporting ERP implementations for almost 10 years. In addition, Annette has also been involved in many systems implementations in her previous employments, including such systems as Oracle, JD Edwards and Hyperion.


Business Process

The running of any business is a facinating process and we feel that this interest in the nuts and bolts of day to day business makes us well suited to helping you to build and grow your business.