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HTML/Web Development

Whether you ever intend to conduct a transaction on the Internet or not, it is a given in Irish business that you have some sort of Web Presence. This does not need to be incredibly complex or hard to maintain, but it needs to present your business in a professional manner.

Of course, some businesses require more from a web site than others, and GABHANdotCOM is prepared to build to your exact requirements, accessing your needs, documenting our findings, and developing for the future.

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We will build all websites using standards compliant HTML and CSS. We firmly believe in separating content from design to ensure your site can change with you and your business.



Php is an industry standard language used mainly in websites to aid in building interactive content. It is available on both Linux and Windows servers, so you will not be tied to a specific hosting solution. With standard libraries for integration with most common database servers, php is a solid choice for your website.



Many websites required data to be collected for future reference, or to deliver content from existing lists of information such as part lists. MySQL and SQL Server are probably the most popular database servers on the web at the moment. Ask us about the best choice for your site.



For integration with existing systems, and making use of Microsoft technologies, ADO.NET is a feature rich language for building industry standard applications and websites hosted on the Microsoft Windows platform of servers.


JavaScript and jQuery

Today's websites usually require something extra that you just cannot get from a plain text website. JavaScript, and recently the jQuery library make feature rich content available without the need for lengthy development. Take a look at some of the websites above for snippets of what JavaScript has to offer.



For real animation and graphic rich web content, flash has become a recognised format for delivering enhanced content. Although Flash required the browser to have proprietary plugins from Adobe to make it work, it is still becoming a popular way to show off your business on the web.